Annual Journal of the American Society of Dorothy L. Sayers Studies


American Journal of Sayers Studies

Volume II, 2019

A Mutual Admiration

Thank you for visiting the American Society of Dorothy L. Sayers Studies. We are pleased to announce that Volume II of DLS, American Journal of Sayers Studies, 2019, A Mutual Admiration, has arrived and can be accessed through this site. Volume I, 2018, may also be downloaded from this site. We offer our annual volumes of DLS at no cost so that Sayers enthusiasts worldwide may enjoy reading about the early years of Dorothy L. Sayers at Oxford University and later. Should you quote or reference our journal, we ask that you use the proper citation: DLS, American Journal of Sayers Studies, with appropriate volume and year along with author name, article title, and page numbers. We hope you enjoy this second volume of DLS, and we invite you to join the American Society of Dorothy L. Sayers Studies, also free worldwide, to communicate and share ideas with those who also love the poetry, writings, and early to mid-twentieth century detective fiction of Dorothy L. Sayers.

To join ASDLS, please contact Barbara L. Prescott at or at

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We also invite you to join our discussion group, The Mustard Club, at:

We are a growing literary organization of Sayers scholars and enthusiasts. WELCOME!

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